NitroAtmosfericum Records and Dark East Productions present a joint release:

{NRN-062 / DEP 089} Astarium "Ashen Spring" 2024

"The sun was joyfully rising over the city, which had long since woken up from the morning bustle. The warm air breathed the spring moisture of melted snow, absorbing the persistent aromas of garbage containers and other benefits of civilization, which are certainly important for humans. Streams, flowing into huge deep pools, sparkled with a rainbow of oil spots. Loose, probably the last one this year, the snow squelched and crunched under the feet of passers-by, spreading along the paths in a viscous mess of mud and dog shit. The spring mood has not yet fully come into its own and has just begun to please the inhabitants of the metropolis with its unexpected arrival, but even this was enough for the first sprout of a new life to appear between the thawed stone slabs of the heating main, among garbage, broken glass and mountains of cigarette butts. So, spring has come to the stone jungle again... Ashen spring... and with it, a new hope..."

5 years have passed since this strange and unique material in the neo-classical ambient genre was recorded. And finally, "Ashen Spring" was released and found its physical embodiment on a professional factory CD!

It is very difficult to describe in words the mood created by the seven tracks of this demo album. After all, the listener will have to experience a whole range of contradictory feelings and emotions hidden in the thicknesses of musical canvases. Therefore, first of all, be sure to read the press release thoughtfully, and everything will fall into place...


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-100} Split Perventor / Astarium "Forgotten Lands Of Burial And Pain" 2024

The merciless Siberian blizzard from Astarium went into a single gust with the fury of the South American hurricane from Perventor! The Colombian-Russian Black Metal Brotherhood is already here - its music does not know what mercy is! Only darkness, pain, horror and cold, multiplied by the power of the local flavor of these 2 so different, but no less cruel and insane demons!

Pro-CDr, colorful atmospheric design, limited edition.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-099} Hiholl "Illusion Of Life. Lost Forever" 2024

In the base of the new fifth album of Hiholl project, called "Illusion of Life. Lost Forever", lies dark ambient. The signature element of the sound is still mysterious background voices, atmospheric sounds that are intertwined into an organic narrative.

The album is decorated with a neoclassical sound and consists of episode tracks united by the theme of the cyclicity of life and death. Hiholl suggests that through listening to the album everyone independently decide what lies beyond the final line.

Pro-CDr, elegant design, limited edition.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-098} Sleep Overdose "Self-Mutilation Process" 2023

Sleep Overdose offers the listener to get a unique experience of immersion into the emotional abyss with his new album Self-Mutation Process.

The project works in the Dark Ambient style and is a loyal follower of the underground: it has no pages on the Internet and does not give live performances, which means that the purchase of an old-mode physical edition is the only way to join this act.

The style of the project creates a persistent feeling of emptiness, the whole album is filled with a gloomy and oppressive sound, leaving the listener alone with fragments of visions of the labyrinths of loneliness. Here the surrounding world is distorted by a sick mind, the colors fade and the forces go away. Here the gravity of oneself is so strong that there can be no other hope for salvation, except self-destruction.

Becoming the Void is the opening track that sets the tone. It poisons the mind with emotional emptiness, and the body with the cold of dirty tiles and the burning sharpness of a razor blade.

The album continues with the Self-Mutation Process - the title track, filled with despair and hopelessness. The depressing whisper of the subconscious thickens the darkness and makes you concentrate on depressive thoughts.

No Future is the longest track on the album, develops a vector of viscous and viscous sound, crushes the remnants of the spirit. A low hum, gloomy bells, a detached voice - feelings of frenzied vegetating in timelessness, apathy and loss of a sense of reality...

Deeper Into the Flesh completes the immersion into emotional emptiness with a sound that seems to tear consciousness apart. The listener goes through the path of complete withering to a state where physical pain is the last resort to distract himself from emotional pain for a while. It's like traveling through a terrible vicious circle of helplessness and mental mutilation.

Dwell In Hopeless Again acts as a bonus track. This is a reworked track from the previous album, released four years earlier.

The basis for the design of the release were real photos, which even in black and white may seem unacceptable to some - for this reason, the disc has a censored and original cover. The owner of the physical edition can turn the booklet over with the front or back side and leave this disgrace to show off on the shelf in accordance with his personal preferences.

Pro-CDr, limited edition.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-097} Split Astarium / NecrØpus "Frozen In Blood" 2023

Reissue of the split of 2 domestic black metal bands in a unique and very rare format for music lovers - double CD business cards! Part of each of the groups settled on their own separate media, turning this edition into a kind of box set. The edition is limited to 20 hand-numbered copies.

The material presented at this split is indicative - I advise you to start getting acquainted with the creative works of these 2 old collectives from it. The majestic marches of the honored domestic symphonic black metal experimenters Astarium settle next door to the warlike chants of Necropus resurrected from oblivion!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-096} Astarium "Blind Bastard Beholder" 2023

Single dedicated to the 18th anniversary of the project. This conceptual and very concise work reveals to the listener all the brutality and furious power of old-school symphonic black metal, combined with the thoughtful melody of neo-classic ambient. Stylish and catchy design perfectly reflects the mood of this musical madness. The name of the single is not accidental: the first letters form the abbreviation "BBB", which draws a parallel with the sacred number of the beast, which, in turn, is a reference to the 18 years of creative activity of Astarium.

A few months earlier, the single was released on the French label Acid Vicious, but now we are in a hurry to present its die-hard edition only for Russia! This is a collector's rarity, including a 3.5'' floppy disk with music (160 kbps) in an envelope with a 4-panel colorful insert. The edition is limited to 18 copies. Distribution condition - no more than one copy in one hand.

As a bonus, buyers will receive one of 3 types of "Blind Bastard Beholder" poster. And which one exactly? This will decide the case.


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present new releases:

{NRN-094} Y'ha-Nthlei "From The Deep Sea" EP 2023

"We live on a quiet island of ignorance in the middle of the dark sea of infinity, and we should not swim long distances at all. The sciences, each of which pulls in its own direction, have so far caused us little harm; however, one day, the unification of hitherto scattered fragments of knowledge will open up such terrifying views of reality before us that we will either lose our minds from what we have seen, or try to hide from this destructive enlightenment in the peace and security of the new Middle Ages."

Novosibirsk experimentalists have returned with their strangest and most controversial work! The atmosphere of psychotropic madness and subconscious horror insinuates the listener with its tentacles. You yourself will not notice how you will not be able to find a foothold...

A classic schizoid design for Y'ha-Nthlei. Take care of your psyche!!! Pro-CDr in jewel box. The edition is limited.

{NRN-095} Four Gates Of Sin “Amber Tired Ritual” 2023

The debut album from an anonymous duo. A viscous sound ritual action, for a complete and mind-blowing immersion. The descendants of freemasons left the tool of their great-grandfathers and went into the space of neural networks. In that new noosphere, they spin their new secret symbols and collect fragments of the amber knob from the cane of a Great Figure scattered throughout the treacle-like universe.

The mysterious and meditative mixture of Noise and Dark Ambient will mercilessly fill all the voids of your consciousness and open the way to a new level - to new horizons... Reissue of the release of the label Paper Moon Republic. Pro-CD r in the good old DVD box. The edition is limited.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-091} Wendigo "Reality and Fiction" EP 2023

Wendigo continues its journey through the worlds... This time he will lead the listener through the horrors of the war on the side of the record "Reality", through the painful Fog of Carcosa into the mysterious and frightening unknown of the side "Fiction"...

7" vinyl. Colorful envelope. Limited edition. The material is represented by remastered versions of tracks from the album "Dark Ritual", the sound of which has become noticeably denser and heavier.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-093} Kostnitsa "The Life of the hermitage of Agafya" 2023

"Before the coming of the antichrist, both prophets, Enoch and Elijah, and John the Theologian with them, will come to reprove this false christ, as he was before — in the flesh. About the Antichrist, we understand, according to the preaching of the prophet, and the Gospel, and the holy apostle, and the holy father: his mystery even during the time of the holy apostles began to act in the world, and when the time is fulfilled, he will appear to him in the form of a visible man. And about the years of his kingdom, we mean: if his malice began from ancient times, but in recent times there will be half a quarter of the summer of the kingdom; and in which a thousand, or a century, the Divine Scripture does not clearly mean that."

The album "The Life of the Hermitage of Agafya ..." is an opportunity to touch the sacred sacrament and realize that the Antichrist is "here and now".

The Lykov family has moved away from the temptation and depravity of worldly vanity in the name of preserving the Tradition of pre-schismatic Holy Russia and its eschatological worldview, and Agafya acts as a prototype of these Last Times, presented to the listener through the prism of the Revelations of John the Theologian.

The atmosphere of tension and the imminent Doomsday overwhelms the sound canvases of this extraordinary intellectual death industrial / noise album, which undoubtedly deserves the close attention of not only genre lovers and music lovers, but also gives the listener a certain historical and cognitive component.

Cassette, black and white design, limited edition.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-092} Wendigo "Vampire" 2023

Promo single in support of the Wendigo album "Dark Ritual". 4 tracks at the junctions of the gothic / punk / hard rock genres will guide the listener through the fog of the gloomy medieval heritage and leave him face to face with the one from whom both life and death have turned away. Get ready for a journey through mysterious crypts, abandoned ruins and the darkest corners of your imagination.

Pro-CDr with a slim-box cover made in five different color options. The circulation is limited. The CD is distributed as a free bonus to any order on the label.


And we have a double release!!! And this is furious, performed according to classical canons, and moderately melodic True Black Metal!!! Demons from the black swamps of Colombia came to Russia to sow hatred, chaos and curses for the glory of Primordial Darkness!

And so, NitroAtmosfericum Records together with Masters Of Kaos Russia present:

{NRN-090 / MORK001} Perventor "The Mirror Gate" 2023

Initially, this amazing mini-album was released last year in Colombia on vinyl, and now we are ready to present its reissue on Pro-CDr, but for Russia. The CD includes the original EP, plus 3 historical bonus-tracks from previous Perventor releases. The edition is strictly limited!

{NRN-089 / MORK002} Companions Of Hellfire "Codex Antichristus" 2023

The debut demo was recorded and first released back in 2016, and has been reissued several times on discs in his native Colombia. Now we have prepared a Russian limited edition on Pro-CDr! The material has remained in its original form - the way it was 7 years ago, since each track is part of a single conceptual idea of the Colombian blasphemers. The demo edition is limited!

Are you ready to get your sip of Primordial Darkness?


Well, friends, on Monday the last copy of the Necro Stellar edition found its owner, but, despite this, the interest and demand for the album "Music For Your Ritual" does not fade away. That is why, NitroAtmosfericum Records together with Necro Stellar made a strong-willed decision - to make an additional print run!

{NRN-085A} Necro Stellar "Music For Your Ritual" 2023

The album is reprinted in Pro-CDr format. Edition is limited!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-087} Norma Reaktsii & YAO91404D "Split" 2022

Split re-release of two archival mini-albums released someday by the cult Ingrian label YAOP.

«Norma Reaktsii» presents an archival 2010 Noise Ambient recording "Dying Land", which paints a gloomy and harsh, like old expressionist films, black and white landscape, with large strokes of dry rigid radio noise, deathly hum, glare of atmospheric backgrounds, industrial vibrations and field recordings.

«YAO 91404 D» meditates on wave fluctuations with a long 17-minute Atmospheric Droning Noise track, raising a storm in a viscous noisy psychedelic sea with the help of a rustic Votian double bass «puspele», palm sander, radio noise and tidal bore recordings.

Jewel case, СD 100 copies, strict but beautiful black and white design.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-088} Astarium "Furies" 2022

Single dedicated to the 17th anniversary of Astarium!

The 16 minutes of the single track of this release absorbed all the best that Astarium did as part of its "old-school symphonic black metal/ neo-classical ambient" activities. There are guitar tremolos, sublime melodies, ambient inserts, rhythm changes and a fascinating atmosphere of something epoch-making and majestic. I would say that in spirit this single is a retrospective of the first 2 albums of the project.

Single released on Pro-CDr with unique artwork! This edition will be a real gift for aesthetes and collectors!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents a new release:

{NRN-085} Necro Stellar "Music For Your Ritual" 2022

Meet the new album of the legendary industrial / ambient / darkwave project!

The album title speaks for itself. This compilation of compositions recorded by the band in the period from 1993 to 2021 was initially considered as an accompanying soundscape for conducting rituals and ritual cults. When recording the album, a considerable number of instruments and effects were used. Among the screeching of metal percussion and booming blows on industrial tanks, those who wish will hear the sound vibrations of micro-vibrations of corpses, filmed with repeated amplification by special equipment in the morgue, percussion from human bones, radio signals and much more. Among other things, it is also a very musical work with original harmonic solutions, in which microtonal passages of synthesizers and guitars are juxtaposed with multi-layered vocal clusters of growling and whistling voices distorted beyond recognition, and singing feedback loops of feedback structures spill out against the background of sounds from 8-bit samplers. In support of the album, three clips were shot, which anyone can get acquainted with. The music seems to tell us: "Open the darkness inside you, because it is so close. She has always been and will be with you. Why are you running away from her? After all, this darkness is yourself...".

The album was released on Pro-CDr, the circulation is strictly limited - this edition will be a real gift for collectors!


NitroAtmosfericum Records is in a hurry to present you 2 new releases:

{NRN-083} TIRAN "Blessed To Pain" 2022

I will describe the material in the words of Alexey "Astarte Eel" Irineev:

"If you like undercooked cutlets, steak with blood and pickles with honey and beer, it's time to please yourself loved ones and go for “Blessed To Pain". Everything is real here, but in terms of manic meticulousness in relation to Tiran's own sound can surpass even the famous perfectionists from Grenouer. And all this will be organic, with the most honest emotions and in full accordance with the canons and ideals of the harsh 80s."

The publication itself is extremely aesthetically pleasing and extraordinary, because it is made in the form of a stylish business card disk inside special wooden box. This is a real gift for collectors! Hurry up, the edition is extremely small!

{NRN-084} Split Astarium / Necropus "Frozen In Blood" 2022

The majestic marches of the honored domestic symphonic black metal experimenters Astarium settle next door to with the warlike chants of Necropus resurrected from oblivion!

After the circulation of 7" records was completely sold out, it was time to reissue this wonderful split on no less collectible and rare media. And so, now "Frozen In Blood" fits on a 3.5" floppy disk in a colorful and a stylish handmade envelope with manual numbering. The bonus added a link to download the material for free as.


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present a new release:

{NRN-081} Astarium "Red Rose" EP 2022

These are 6 tracks of symphonic black metal. Speed and drive, power and abundance of guitar solos. In general, it is hardly possible to say something better than the words of Alexei "Astarte Eel" Irineev about the cassette version of this EP:


"Red Rose" is released on 7'' vinyl (stereo / 33rpm) in color laminated sleeve + lyrics inlay. Edition is limited.


NitroAtmosfericum Records together with Wings Of Destruction present a new release:

{NRN-079 / WOD 072} Split Astarium / Necropus "Frozen In Blood" 2021

The majestic marches of the honored Russian symphonic black metal experimenters Astarium settle down next to the warlike chants of the resurrected Necropus!

The material is released in the form of a 7'' transparent vinyl with a colorful package.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new releases:

{NRN-080} Hiholl "Four. From Obscure To Ligth" 2021

When we talk about the fourth release, the material is inevitably perceived through the prism of what has already been released. This is what the author of the Hiholl project emphasizes with his name by choosing a name referring to the album's serial number. The history of the project dates back to the distant 2009 and the first album "Endless tragedy”, when the compositional sound referred more to the noir doom aesthetics and traditional metal.

The first thing that is immediately reflected in the auditory perception of the new album, it sounds like neoclassical, flirting with darkwave. The stringy compositions flow smoothly into a single narrative, and become the perfect soundtrack for an existential worldview full of unanswered questions. The trademark interludes interweaving has long been part of Hiholl's recognizable style - it is it that gives hints in reading tracks, completing its intricate puzzle.

The release has a strict concept, it seems to be stylistically divided into four blocks, which echoes its name, and indeed, as stated, leads from darkness to light.

Hiholl does not answer the question what is Four.These are four elements, four seasons, and four moods of compositions. The release will definitely appeal to all fans of this genre, because it contains a reference to the origins of diametrically different states and moods. This is the path from hopeless longing to a surge of light melancholy, the very thread that leads from darkness to light. And in general, it gives rise to a very pleasant feeling, with a soft aftertaste, when you want to listen again, looking for details and references, because Hiholl is an incredible master of carefully weaving a lot of riddles into his compositions.

{NRN-076} Astarium "Fragments Of Nightmares" 2021

This cassette release completes the gestalt of reissues of the powerful and unusual "Fragments Of Nightmares" on our label. The album was released in almost all possible formats: CD in jewel and digipak, vinyl and floppy. And now meet - the latest reissue - on a white cassette with colorful 4-panel tab and narrowed box. The edition is limited. Collectors - must have!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release:

{NRN-078} Sozna & Young Tribe "Ephemeral" 2021

Experimental work of musicians from Murmansk and Novosibirsk in the genre of ritual / drone ambient using industrial noise and field recordings made in different time periods. The variety of semantic worlds, realized in this musical artifact, may be of considerable interest to listeners looking for something more than material everyday reality.

The stuff is released on a Pro-CDr in an envelope. Circulation is limited.

Also label released an A4-poster Astarium "Solar Despair", which will be a free bonus when buying any CD / cassette / Pro-CDR of projects Astarium or Wendigo.


And today we have new releases from demonic boys bands from Novosibirsk:

- {NRN-077} Y'ha-Nthlei "The Ultimate Void" 2021

The adepts of cult of the Ancients were born new album. The seething chaos, born in the mouth of maddened degenerate god in the center of our universe, has acquired a musical appearance and is already stretching its tentacles to your brain.

This black metal is blacker than darkness, it is vile and soulless, it has nothing to do with the music that was created by human inspiration... The disc (Pro-CDr) will be a stylish continuation of the project's album line, edition is limited.

- {NRN-055B} Astarium "Fragments Of Nightmares" 2021

A modest reissue of 7th album of the project in the Digipak CD format. Stylistically, the material is made in the genre of symphonic black metal of the old school, based on refraction through grindcore prism.

Demonic mosaic of 12 tracks-fragments of your worst nightmares is waiting for you!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release:

{NRN-075 / KND-007} Split Deviator / Wendigo "The Shadow Essence" 2021

The split of two friendly projects: black / death metal formation Deviator and side project of Astarium - Wendigo (alternative / grunge / punk rock).

Despite the fact that the stylistic directions of the projects are quite different, the material looks monolithic and listens in one breath. The release is based on such an extraordinary theme as the archetype of K. Jung's Shadow - it is a source of vitality, spontaneity and creativity.

The release is 7" vinyl made in collaboration with Kundalini Records. The edition is ultra-limited! Hurry up! Everyone may not have enough...


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release:

{NRN-073} Astarium "Eternal Occultation" EP 2021

New artifact from Novosibirsk's project. Monolithic conceptual work in the genre of occult space theme - transcendental journey through the chasm of time and space to the gates of alluring infinity ...

From a musical point of view, it is still the same symphonic black metal with atmospheric and ambient elements.

Edition: 3.5 '' floppy disk, the cover is made in the spirit of ZX-Spectrum art and is presented in 5 colors, the link to the material is attached. Edition is hand-numbered and limited.

The digital version is available through the official BC-page: astarium.bandcamp.com


“... And then, when the Wendigo barks right above your ear, you will realize that he was just getting closer to you. And you will jump... You will jump into your last run." 7-th letter from Mr.McGrogan

NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new releases:

- {NRN-071} Wendigo "Wendigo" is a cassette edition of the debut EP (grunge / punk / garage rock). White cassette, 4-panel cover, narrowed box.

- {NRN-072} Wendigo "Heresy" - cassette edition of the new EP (alternative / hard / garage rock). Transparent cassette, 4-panel cover, classic box.

Truly old-school aesthetics!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release:

{NRN-070} Wendigo "Heresy" 2021

The second work of Novosibirsk's project. The sound became noticeably heavier. Now it is a mix of alternative rock and hard rock with nu metal elements. Powerful riffs, evil guitars, the music breathes with energy. Lyrics of "Heresy" will behavior the listener through dark, mystical and mysterious worlds. This work will appeal not only to fans of the alternative, but also to fans of more extreme genres.

EP "Heresy" was released in the format of a professional factory CD and will become a worthy addition to the collections of fans of the genre!

The digital version is available through the official BC-page: https://wendigo2.bandcamp.com/


And we have some great news:

"Dragon was spreaded wings. Air trembled in the smoke of his breath. It was seeped into the closed doors, filled all plains and forests, huts and castles. And there was no one who would not remember him with tear or sob, because it carried grief over the doomed lands. Era of the dragon is began. Cry Wallachia!"

This is the lyrics from track "Dragon" of the Novosibirsk black metal act Astarium, it - like nothing else, is best suited for the press release of newest issue of our label.

And so, NitroAtmosfericum Records presents: single {NRN-068} Astarium "Dragon Of Wallachia" 2020!

Atmospheric / symphonic black metal / folk ambient. CD-business card with sticker and colored insert, hand-numbered. The edition is strictly limited. This work is dedicated to... you know to whom ...

Finally, the label catalog has been updated. Tons of great interesting music - new items and rarities! Hurry up - order! Section of the site "Distro".


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release:

{NRN-067 / KND-006} Split Deviator / Astarium "In Articulo Mortis" 2020

Cooperative work of the Ukrainian black / death metal formation "Deviator" and symphonic black metal project "Astarium" from Novosibirsk.

Involved esoteric way and long-standing friendship between the musicians are reflected in this 7 '' plate. Split contains 2 tracks of chilling unhurried and insanely atmospheric black metal - this is a plunge into the viscous and inevitable mystery of death.

Vinyl is released in collaboration with Kundalini Records. Edition is limited to only 10 copies. Hurry up, it may not be enough for everyone!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new even stranger releases:

{NRN-064} Y'ha-Nthlei "On Devil's Reef" 2020

Recently, while walking along the river Bank, I found a very strange artifact on a sandbar. It was a disk. It contained the same crazy stuff that Randolph had overheard and recorded on the Devil's riff 2 years ago... But how? How could this CD end up here in the cold waters of Siberian rivers? Anyway, where did this disk come from? Had something happened to Randolph? More questions than answers...

But if this record appeared on the disk at this time in this place, it means that someone needs it. So I decided to multiply this madness and make it available to people. Exclusive design, Pro-CDr, limited edition.

{NRN-065} Binary Dirge "Cov.id=19" 2020

New full-length work of the Novosibirsk noise project. The material is a digital sound, recorded intuitively, and that is called blind, or rather, to say out deaf. That is, the result was a surprise even for the author. An interesting and unusual musical (anti-musical) experiment.

The material was recorded at the height of the pandemic and is actually dedicated to it. Stylish Pro-CDr, limited edition.

{NRN-066} Astarium "Growths Of The Past" 2020

As written in the original press release: "The material on this demo album consists of 12 untitled dark / neoclassical ambient tracks recorded last December during a home rehearsal session. This is a kind of minimalistic retrospective on some tracks of project that require reinterpretation. Blah, blah, blah... "

Cassettes of the previous edition of this demo album quickly found their owners. Well, since demand creates supply, then actually this offer is in front of you. Old school exclusive design, Pro-CDr, limited edition.


Nitroatmosfericum Records is proud to present new release:

{NRN-063} Astarium "Growths Of The Past" 2020

The material of this demo-album is presented by 12 untitled dark / neo-classic ambient tracks recorded last December during home rehearsal session. This is a kind of minimalistic retrospective of some tracks recorded by the project over the past 9 years and requiring rethinking. But ... you should not regard this impulse as "Best of..." compilation, it is more accurate to say, that this demo is an attempt to look at old material from abstractions of the atmosphere, and not from the melodical point.

Release is out in cassette format with hand-made cardboard boxing and with exclusive cover art and design. Ultra limited edition. Hurry up, everyone may not be enough!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 2 new releases!

{NRN-059} Tiran "Digital Scum" 2020

The overthrown Demons of Chaos do not go nowhere. They are reborn in digital matters, regenerating crushing power and waiting in the wings to break into the real world, riddled with the strings of digital technology, crushing everyone who forgot about the cult of Steel Madness. To the glory of the Underground Cult, NitroAtmosfericum Records presents the most extraordinary release in the discography of the flagships of the infernal Thrash / Death Metal TIRAN - [DIGITAL SCUM].

The limited edition of the latest demo recorded at the comrades' rehearsal headquarters was out on 3.5-inch floppy disks designed in the Puchill corporate identity. Art and Design and equipped with branded patches and mediators! BUY OR DIE!

{NRN-061} Tomhet "Dodsblikket" 2020

Mini-album from the horde from Vladimir. The material includes 2 debut tracks and its instrumental versions. Music - classic black metal of the 90s in the spirit of Mayhem, Urgehal and Immortal. Glorious traditions in modern sound. Limited edition in Pro-CD format.


Nitroatmosfericum Records is proud to present new release:

{NRN-060} Wendigo "Wendigo" (EP) 2020

Debut mini-album from the Novosibirsk project. The material is a mix of grunge and punk rock - this is immersion into the energy drive and garage surroundings of the late 80s - early 90s. Lyrics in Russian. 4 tracks of total "worship to sound of Seatle".

Wendigo released as professional Digifile CD.

Here you can get physical copy of the CD, the digital version is available through the official BC-page: https://wendigo2.bandcamp.com/

Project page in VK: https://vk.com/wendigo_official


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 2 new releases!

{NRN-057} Cemeteria "Demo" 2019

The first self-titled demo release of the Kiev dungeon synth project Cemeteria. Through swamps and dead wastelands, through funeral catacombs to enchanted tombs, where lost souls have not found peace - Cemeteria sends the listener on the last funeral journey, the road to which lies through eternity. Format: Pro-CDr, envelope. Issue is strictly limited.

{NRN-058} Y'ha-Nthlei "The Beyond One" 2019

The new full-length album of the Novosibirsk project, as always R.C. (the man standing behind Y'ha-Nthlei) performed into godless vile rituals, becoming a relay between our world and those who are waiting in the wings beyond its threshold. "He is a soul-eater ... It is not so difficult for him to come into our world as the other Ancients, although why this is so remains unknown. Whatever the reason, he serves the Ancients as their messenger among people."

As always, Y'ha-Nthlei plays a completely insane experimental black metal, driving the listener into a psychotropic trance. "The Beyond One" clearly shows that the project is growing creatively, and this album has become a new taken height! Format: Pro-CDr, jewel-box.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 2 new releases!

{NRN-054} Sleep Overdose "Fall Asleep And Not Awake" 2019

The atmosphere of the album introduces the listener into a hypnotic trance, awakening out from which by yourself is unlikely to succeed. Darkness becomes tangible, it gently and relentlessly fills everything around. Second of delay, and only hopelessness will be ahead. Yes, this is a very strange dark ambient / drone canvas.

{NRN-056} Norma Reaktsii "Chaosgaze" 2019

The gears of the universe is spinning, the mechanism is setting in motion. You are one of those few chosen ones who can see this mystery. Do you feel how "its" energy flows through your veins? So see "its" rising - the rise of the "Black Sun".


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present new release!

{NRN-055} Astarium "Fragments Of Nightmares" 2019

The seventh full-length album of Astarium, consisting of 12 new tracks. Stylistically, as always, the material is made in the genre of old school symphonic black metal, but this time its concept is based on refraction through the grindcore prism. Yes, to say that this album is strange, to say nothing ...

These are 12 fragments of bad dreams, torn out from the cortex of inflamed consciousness. Close your eyes. Strange, distant, amorphous outlines of other worlds instantly turn out to be near. The rumble grows, mysterious melodies from the beyond spheres bring up like nausea and subdue the mind. There is no strength to escape from this viscous madness and wake up. Suddenly, there is silence ... everything stopped ... It seemed that eternity flew by before eyes, but in fact not more than a minute passed - it was just one track, one of 12. Demonic mosaic of 12 fragments is waiting for you!

The album was released in formats of professional CD and 3.5 '' floppy. The first 50 buyers will receive pocket calendar "Fragments Of Nightmares" for 2019 as a bonus!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release of the Novosibirsk project Binary Dirge "Deep Emotions Of Mob" 2018!

Field records from airshow 2018 in Novosibirsk, decomposed and degraded to the level of digital noise. Basis of material was noise of the crowd, cry of the children and mechanical hum, at times clear intelligible phrases slip through. Material was released on the CDr in jewel-box, cover is hand-made from punched cards. Edition is strictly limited and hand-numbered.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 3 tape releases!

{NRN-050} Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death"

Split which included materials of 3 old-school black metal projects from Russia and Kazakhstan. Parts of Burnt and Scolopendra Cingulata are alternately raining down a powerful storm of high-speed "true" or going in direction of aggressive and sharp raw black metal. Part of Astarium is heading to symphonic line of genre in the spirit of 90th, as always.

{NRN-051} Astarium "Drum-Ghoul"

Sixth full-length album of Astarium. Material is presented by raw symphonic black metal and dedicated to the cult Burzum's album "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss".

{NRN-052} Split Antiquus Scriptum / Astarium "... And The Forests Are Dark, Where They Gather... The Guardians Of Time... "

Split between epic / symphonic black metal projects from Russia and Portugal. Antiquus Scriptum is presented by melodic and high-speed material, taken from the album "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis ..." 2013. Part of Astarium was recorded in April 2017 under the impression of Arthur Machen's novel "The Great God Pan". Astarium's music is more experimental.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new album "Whisper. Touch. Pain" by Hiholl!

Musical one-man project Hiholl aims to transfer such unbreakable configurations as the synthesis of good and evil, love and pain from loss, the birth of dream and its fatal death. Background of each composition is filled with piercing atmosphere that can awaken different spectrum of emotions even among the most experienced listener, which allows to significantly expand the audience of fans of this creative idea.

First album "Endless Tragady" was released in 2009 and immediately fell in love with fans of dark music. This feature was justified by the intricacies of viscous doom atmosphere and fatal implication of the tracks. Second album "Feel" (2012) was filled with semantic message, which radically differentiated work from the first edition. Here the combination of impressions from experienced life tragedies and significant events prevail, which can leave mark in memory and the heart for many years.

The third long-awaited album "Whisper. Touch. Pain" (2018) is designed in style of NeoClassic / Ambient. The author's creative handwriting in advance prepares listener for the opportunity to plunge into world of enchanting melodic combinations that take soul, tired of everyday life, far beyond the material world.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present split “Odalism” from legendary Siberian projects – Astarium and Uvodna. Our joint creation is a tribute to the past days of the underground, devoid of gloss and deceitful medievalism, inherent in modernity. It is memory of sincerity and an inspirational melody that generated from the bowels of black metal the dark and enchanting landscapes of underground electronics. It is the legacy of the old Europe, rallied by the impulses of youth, it is memory that has become heritage inscribed on the birch bark.

Against Modern Dungeon Synth!

The material is released in two formats:

- 7'' clear vinyl comes with b/w package + poster А4 + stickers with logos + link on release in quality

- 3.5'' floppy comes with b/w package + stickers with logos + link on release in quality.


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present 3 new releases at once from schizophrenic black metal project from Novosibirsk!

The person behind Y'ha-Nthlei is Randolph Carter, who have visited the center of infinity and saw nuclear chaos, who participated in unholy ritual of Dkho-Hna, who saw the Ancient prisoner of far star Fomalhaut; who ran from eternal hungry Ghouls through underground labyrinths; who went down in abyss N'Kai and kneeled down before disgusting Tsathoggua. Emotions of these events and travels were also an incitement to creation of mad musical tracks.

{NRN-045} Y'ha-Nthlei "Azathoth"

Reissue on Pro-CDr of debut album of the project. Speaking to Lovecraft's words, it is shapeless guitar nightmare in the center of chaos, which attacks by blastbeat of percussions in the center of infinity.

{NRN-046} Y'ha-Nthlei "Unholy Mysteries Of Ancient"

Reissue on Pro-CDr of second album of the project. Material looks already more mature and thought over, atmospheric keyboard inserts appear. However the spirit of madness not just continues to penetrate this work as before, but amplifies in a geometrical progression.

{NRN-047} Y'ha-Nthlei "N'Kai"

Floppy single. The latest work. The project continues to go crazy and dement the listener.

At acquisition of two albums at once, single goes a gift. Also, all owners of "N'Kai" will receive the reference to single material downloading in quality.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present new release:

{NRN-044} Astarium "Chthonian Miasma" 2017

The second press of 5'' vinyl single from Russian project - Astarium! Package of plate comes with new design - everything is very effective and esthetic! From the musical point of view of the listener can hear mix of old school sympho black metal and black'n'roll waits. Limitation of single - only 17 copies.


The design of website is returned in a first-born state! Hail to Art of Darkness!


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:

- { NRN-042 } VA "The Legion Of Tchort" (Vol 14) 2017

Official tape issue of cult black metal compilation! There are more than 20 groups from the all corners of the world in track list! Bloody Invasion (Germany), Survive (Japan), Vesterian (Usa), Maleficent (Chile), Haiduk (Canada), Satarial "Spell Of Formation" (Russia) and many, many others.

- { NRN-043} Split Tzantza / Akoman "Goat Mit Uns" 2017

Sieg Hell! Disk for fans of black metal! With one slogan, one banner and one damnation demons of Tzantza and Akoman go to the attack! Tzantza plays black metal with small thrash impurity, Akoman vomits style in virgin look - classic of Black Art.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present new CD release:

Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death"

Compositions of Burnt are dedicated to post-apocalyptic existence of people. True aggressive and fast-tempo black metal is combining with symphonic impregnations.

Astarium (project from Novosibirsk) shows old-school symphonic black metal. Here you can find: memorable riffs and keyboard melodies, and even, technically executed guitar solos. Music is impregnated by spirit of 19th century decadence. The lyrics is based on poetic works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Material of Scolopendra Cingulata presents by spiteful and blasphemous black metal. Spiteful, but sharp guitar riffs and frequent changes of drum rhythms rememberes former times of Carpathian Forest, but dirtier record with keyboards, also not bad transfers to the atmosphere of the Finnish school. The group admits that material was inpired by cassette demo "Daemonomania" from German band Burnt Offering.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:
1) Split Y'ha-Nthlei / Mhnunrrn 2016 (black metal / noise)
2) Split Astarium / Antiquus Scriptum "Hymns To The Ancient Northland" 2016 (ambient)
All details in section Releases - Novosibirsk.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:
1) Bloody Terror "Diaboli Celeritate" - most powerful black / death metal album from Ukrainian guys, is found embodiment on the physical CD
2) Wind "Winter" - new album from quite famous project in ambient circles. Whisper of winter, ice open spaces, magic of frosty landscapes...


Nitroatmosfericum Records present - Imsar "Abudzennie" 2013! It's debut work of new project in classic black metal genre. Don't miss it! Fans of the genre unambiguously MUST HAVE!


NitroAtmosfericum Records and Zombie Records present split of two Siberian bands: Astarium and Status"Siberian Bloodlust"! Material is in old-school style, Astarium in sympho black metal of 90-s course, Status in course of classic thrash metal with death elements.
Release includes gauzy 7'' vinyl(45rpm), coloured cover and stickers with logos of both bands! Wildly limited edition! Hurry up!