NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 2 new releases!

{NRN-054} Sleep Overdose "Fall Asleep And Not Awake" 2019

The atmosphere of the album introduces the listener into a hypnotic trance, awakening out from which by yourself is unlikely to succeed. Darkness becomes tangible, it gently and relentlessly fills everything around. Second of delay, and only hopelessness will be ahead. Yes, this is a very strange dark ambient / drone canvas.

{NRN-056} Norma Reaktsii "Chaosgaze" 2019

The gears of the universe is spinning, the mechanism is setting in motion. You are one of those few chosen ones who can see this mystery. Do you feel how "its" energy flows through your veins? So see "its" rising - the rise of the "Black Sun".


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present new release!

{NRN-055} Astarium "Fragments Of Nightmares" 2019

The seventh full-length album of Astarium, consisting of 12 new tracks. Stylistically, as always, the material is made in the genre of old school symphonic black metal, but this time its concept is based on refraction through the grindcore prism. Yes, to say that this album is strange, to say nothing ...

These are 12 fragments of bad dreams, torn out from the cortex of inflamed consciousness. Close your eyes. Strange, distant, amorphous outlines of other worlds instantly turn out to be near. The rumble grows, mysterious melodies from the beyond spheres bring up like nausea and subdue the mind. There is no strength to escape from this viscous madness and wake up. Suddenly, there is silence ... everything stopped ... It seemed that eternity flew by before eyes, but in fact not more than a minute passed - it was just one track, one of 12. Demonic mosaic of 12 fragments is waiting for you!

The album was released in formats of professional CD and 3.5 '' floppy. The first 50 buyers will receive pocket calendar "Fragments Of Nightmares" for 2019 as a bonus!


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new release of the Novosibirsk project Binary Dirge "Deep Emotions Of Mob" 2018!

Field records from airshow 2018 in Novosibirsk, decomposed and degraded to the level of digital noise. Basis of material was noise of the crowd, cry of the children and mechanical hum, at times clear intelligible phrases slip through. Material was released on the CDr in jewel-box, cover is hand-made from punched cards. Edition is strictly limited and hand-numbered.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents 3 tape releases!

{NRN-050} Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death"

Split which included materials of 3 old-school black metal projects from Russia and Kazakhstan. Parts of Burnt and Scolopendra Cingulata are alternately raining down a powerful storm of high-speed "true" or going in direction of aggressive and sharp raw black metal. Part of Astarium is heading to symphonic line of genre in the spirit of 90th, as always.

{NRN-051} Astarium "Drum-Ghoul"

Sixth full-length album of Astarium. Material is presented by raw symphonic black metal and dedicated to the cult Burzum's album "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss".

{NRN-052} Split Antiquus Scriptum / Astarium "... And The Forests Are Dark, Where They Gather... The Guardians Of Time... "

Split between epic / symphonic black metal projects from Russia and Portugal. Antiquus Scriptum is presented by melodic and high-speed material, taken from the album "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis ..." 2013. Part of Astarium was recorded in April 2017 under the impression of Arthur Machen's novel "The Great God Pan". Astarium's music is more experimental.


NitroAtmosfericum Records presents new album "Whisper. Touch. Pain" by Hiholl!

Musical one-man project Hiholl aims to transfer such unbreakable configurations as the synthesis of good and evil, love and pain from loss, the birth of dream and its fatal death. Background of each composition is filled with piercing atmosphere that can awaken different spectrum of emotions even among the most experienced listener, which allows to significantly expand the audience of fans of this creative idea.

First album "Endless Tragady" was released in 2009 and immediately fell in love with fans of dark music. This feature was justified by the intricacies of viscous doom atmosphere and fatal implication of the tracks. Second album "Feel" (2012) was filled with semantic message, which radically differentiated work from the first edition. Here the combination of impressions from experienced life tragedies and significant events prevail, which can leave mark in memory and the heart for many years.

The third long-awaited album "Whisper. Touch. Pain" (2018) is designed in style of NeoClassic / Ambient. The author's creative handwriting in advance prepares listener for the opportunity to plunge into world of enchanting melodic combinations that take soul, tired of everyday life, far beyond the material world.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present split “Odalism” from legendary Siberian projects – Astarium and Uvodna. Our joint creation is a tribute to the past days of the underground, devoid of gloss and deceitful medievalism, inherent in modernity. It is memory of sincerity and an inspirational melody that generated from the bowels of black metal the dark and enchanting landscapes of underground electronics. It is the legacy of the old Europe, rallied by the impulses of youth, it is memory that has become heritage inscribed on the birch bark.

Against Modern Dungeon Synth!

The material is released in two formats:

- 7'' clear vinyl comes with b/w package + poster Ŕ4 + stickers with logos + link on release in quality

- 3.5'' floppy comes with b/w package + stickers with logos + link on release in quality.


NitroAtmosfericum Records is proud to present 3 new releases at once from schizophrenic black metal project from Novosibirsk!

The person behind Y'ha-Nthlei is Randolph Carter, who have visited the center of infinity and saw nuclear chaos, who participated in unholy ritual of Dkho-Hna, who saw the Ancient prisoner of far star Fomalhaut; who ran from eternal hungry Ghouls through underground labyrinths; who went down in abyss N'Kai and kneeled down before disgusting Tsathoggua. Emotions of these events and travels were also an incitement to creation of mad musical tracks.

{NRN-045} Y'ha-Nthlei "Azathoth"

Reissue on Pro-CDr of debut album of the project. Speaking to Lovecraft's words, it is shapeless guitar nightmare in the center of chaos, which attacks by blastbeat of percussions in the center of infinity.

{NRN-046} Y'ha-Nthlei "Unholy Mysteries Of Ancient"

Reissue on Pro-CDr of second album of the project. Material looks already more mature and thought over, atmospheric keyboard inserts appear. However the spirit of madness not just continues to penetrate this work as before, but amplifies in a geometrical progression.

{NRN-047} Y'ha-Nthlei "N'Kai"

Floppy single. The latest work. The project continues to go crazy and dement the listener.

At acquisition of two albums at once, single goes a gift. Also, all owners of "N'Kai" will receive the reference to single material downloading in quality.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present new release:

{NRN-044} Astarium "Chthonian Miasma" 2017

The second press of 5'' vinyl single from Russian project - Astarium! Package of plate comes with new design - everything is very effective and esthetic! From the musical point of view of the listener can hear mix of old school sympho black metal and black'n'roll waits. Limitation of single - only 17 copies.


The design of website is returned in a first-born state! Hail to Art of Darkness!


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:

- { NRN-042 } VA "The Legion Of Tchort" (Vol 14) 2017

Official tape issue of cult black metal compilation! There are more than 20 groups from the all corners of the world in track list! Bloody Invasion (Germany), Survive (Japan), Vesterian (Usa), Maleficent (Chile), Haiduk (Canada), Satarial "Spell Of Formation" (Russia) and many, many others.

- { NRN-043} Split Tzantza / Akoman "Goat Mit Uns" 2017

Sieg Hell! Disk for fans of black metal! With one slogan, one banner and one damnation demons of Tzantza and Akoman go to the attack! Tzantza plays black metal with small thrash impurity, Akoman vomits style in virgin look - classic of Black Art.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present new CD release:

Split Burnt / Astarium / Scolopendra Cingulata "Gnosis Of Death"

Compositions of Burnt are dedicated to post-apocalyptic existence of people. True aggressive and fast-tempo black metal is combining with symphonic impregnations.

Astarium (project from Novosibirsk) shows old-school symphonic black metal. Here you can find: memorable riffs and keyboard melodies, and even, technically executed guitar solos. Music is impregnated by spirit of 19th century decadence. The lyrics is based on poetic works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Material of Scolopendra Cingulata presents by spiteful and blasphemous black metal. Spiteful, but sharp guitar riffs and frequent changes of drum rhythms rememberes former times of Carpathian Forest, but dirtier record with keyboards, also not bad transfers to the atmosphere of the Finnish school. The group admits that material was inpired by cassette demo "Daemonomania" from German band Burnt Offering.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:
1) Split Y'ha-Nthlei / Mhnunrrn 2016 (black metal / noise)
2) Split Astarium / Antiquus Scriptum "Hymns To The Ancient Northland" 2016 (ambient)
All details in section Releases - Novosibirsk.


NitroAtmosfericum Records present 2 new releases:
1) Bloody Terror "Diaboli Celeritate" - most powerful black / death metal album from Ukrainian guys, is found embodiment on the physical CD
2) Wind "Winter" - new album from quite famous project in ambient circles. Whisper of winter, ice open spaces, magic of frosty landscapes...


Nitroatmosfericum Records present - Imsar "Abudzennie" 2013! It's debut work of new project in classic black metal genre. Don't miss it! Fans of the genre unambiguously MUST HAVE!


NitroAtmosfericum Records and Zombie Records present split of two Siberian bands: Astarium and Status"Siberian Bloodlust"! Material is in old-school style, Astarium in sympho black metal of 90-s course, Status in course of classic thrash metal with death elements.
Release includes gauzy 7'' vinyl(45rpm), coloured cover and stickers with logos of both bands! Wildly limited edition! Hurry up!