NitroAtmosfericum Records - independent lable, which is orientated on promotion of underground music. Since 2009, it has two divisions: one in Lipetsk, another in Novosibirsk. We have released quite a lot material of both Russian and foreign bands from the time we appeared.

    At the present day, except label, we also have printed magazine “Requiem”, on which pages all the bands are tacitly published,relations with many metal-portals, online radio, where the bands are also broadcasted, regular painter,who can help with design, relations with other printed matters, Russian and foreign labels.

    Edition format can be different : either small circulation, or large one. Publishing 500 copies and more is the most preferable. We have individual way to cooperate with each band.

    Releases can be ordered by site, You have only to write us on e-mail address and then we get in touch with You and suggest payment methods. We have the system of discounts and promotion. Different payment methods are acceptable.